Lenox and Camden


Developer: Beacon Communities LLC
Units: 357 units
Estimated start date for Camden: Summer 2018
Estimated start date for Lenox: 2019

The Lenox Street public housing is a 285-unit federal development in Lower Roxbury.  Adjacent to Lenox is the Camden housing development, a 72-unit state-funded development.  In summer of 2015, BHA issued a Request for Proposal to rehab Lenox Street and Camden housing developments (Lenox/Camden) with the goals of upgrading the properties while avoiding displacement of current residents and preserving affordability for extremely low-income households.  Beacon Communities LLC (Beacon) was designated as the developer for Lenox/Camden.  Beacon proposes a plan to modernize the 357 units in Lenox/Camden with the goal of creating a successful, economically and environmentally stable rental community. 

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