Orient Heights Redevelopment

Developer: Trinity Financials
Units: 373 units (331 public housing replacement units and 42 mixed-income units)
Start date: Fall 2016

Orient Heights is a 331-unit state-funded public housing development in East Boston.  Built in 1951, the development suffers from severe physical distress and is an eyesore to residents and the surrounding community.  Orient Heights is the most physically distressed development in the BHA's portfolio.  In 2008, BHA took on a master planning process with Orient Heights residents funded by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).  The goal of the master plan was to transform the site into a modern community comprised of contemporary, code-compliant and energy-efficient units.  

In December of 2013, BHA was awarded $10,725,000 through the High Leverage Asset Preservation Program from DHCD for the redevelopment of Orient Heights.  Trinity Financials (Trinity) has been designated as the developer for the project. Since 2015, Trinity has been working with residents to analyze redevelopment options for Orient Heights ranging from comphrehsive rennovation to new construction.  After consulting with residents, the community and DHCD, it was decided that new construction was the most cost effective approach.  Phase One of of the redevelopment is expected to begin fall of 2016.  The first phase is comprised of demolishing 90 units and constructing 120 new affordable housing units.

Click here for images of the proposed redevelopment.

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