Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Chapter 7: Communication-Related Requests

7.1  Auxiliary aids and other assistance for communication

BHA will provide appropriate auxiliary aids and other assistance for clients requesting communication-related RAs (for example, qualified sign language and oral interpreters, readers, use of taped materials).

7.2  Formatting and presentation of documents

BHA will make all communications with Clients available in a format that accommodates their disability-related needs if doing so may be necessary as an RA. Examples of such RAs include:

  • Providing Clients with visual impairments with large-print documents.

  • Meeting with Clients with cognitive disabilities to go over complex documents.

  • Assisting Clients with disabilities that impact writing by helping them fill out any necessary forms.

7.3  Format and location of meetings

BHA will format and schedule Client meetings, conferences, and hearings in a manner that accommodates their disability-related needs if doing so may be necessary as an RA. Examples of such RAs include:

  • Having a meeting by telephone or changing its location to one that is more comfortable for a Client with agoraphobia.

  • Changing the time of day at which a private conference is to be held for a Client with diabetes so that it is better timed with his/her dialysis schedule.

  • Third parties may also attend meetings, conferences, and hearings to assist a Client with a disability as discussed below in Section 7.5.

7.4  Telecommunications with the deaf and hard of hearing

When BHA communicates by phone with Clients with hearing impairments, it will use telecommunication devices for the deaf/teletypewriter (“TDD/TTY”) services or other effective communications systems.

7.5  Assistance from third-party representatives

A third-party representative (for example, an advocate, friend, family member or service provider) may do any of the following with authorization from the Client:

  1. Act on the Client’s behalf in dealing with BHA with regard to an RA request (including filling out and submitting the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form); or

  2. Assist the Client at any meetings, conferences or interviews; and

  3. View all documents in the Client’s BHA files which relate to his/her RA request.

  4. Upon the request of a Client, BHA will also send copies of any future BHA notices to an authorized third-party representative as well as the Client.

7.6  Extensions when there are delays in providing effective communication

If a Client requests an extension of any deadline because of a BHA-caused delay in providing effective communication (for example, if the BHA does not procure a sign interpreter in time), such a request will be approved.

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