Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Chapter 12: Development of Procedures and Employee Training

12.1 Development and implementation of procedures

BHA shall continue to develop and implement procedures through which individuals may request, and BHA may review, RAs. These procedures will be made accessible to all persons.

12.2 Training and informing employees of policy responsibilities

All current BHA employees shall be advised of this policy and any resulting responsibilities. BHA will also advise new employees of this policy at the start of their employment and provide them with a copy of this policy. Within twelve (12) months of adopting this policy, BHA will provide a training program for all relevant BHA management and staff. BHA will provide continuous training thereafter.

12.2.1 Training of Grievance Panel members

BHA will provide continuous trainings on RA matters to the BHA Grievance Panel members on an annual basis.

12.2.2. Trainings for other Client groups

Upon request, BHA will provide RA training for groups of Residents and Participants, including the Resident Advisory Board and Resident Empowerment Coalition.

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