Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Chapter 4: How to Request a Reasonable Accommodation

4.1  There is no official way to request an accommodation but the Client, or his/her representative, must make the request

BHA is obligated to provide an RA only if the Client, or a person acting at the Client’s request, requests one. To request an RA, a Client does not need to mention any law, this policy, or use any specific words, such as "reasonable accommodation.” The Client must make the request, however, in a manner that a reasonable person would understand it to be a request for an exception, change, or adjustment to a rule, policy, practice, or service because of a disability. For example, if a Resident is facing eviction for an action that he/she committed due to a disability and simply says at a private conference, “I was off my medication at the time,” this would be enough to start the interactive process.

A Client with a disability does not need to personally make the RA request; the request can be made by a family member or someone else acting on his/her behalf. BHA may request that the third party provide BHA with proof of having the Client’s permission or legal authority to assist in such matters. 

4.2  Using BHA’s forms to request a Reasonable Accommodation

BHA will make forms available for RA requests but a Client does not need to use them to make a request. These forms will include the Request for Reasonable Accommodation (to be filled out by the Client) and the Certification of Need (to be filled out by a third-party for verification purposes). While not required, these forms may make the RA process faster and simpler for both the Client and BHA. 

BHA will have forms specifically tailored for Applicants and Residents and another set for Leased Housing Voucher Holders and Participants. They will be available online at and at the following locations:

  • Applicants may pick up forms from the Occupancy Department, Leased Housing Department, or BHA Housing Service Center.

  • Residents may pick up forms from their development’s Management Office.

  • Voucher Holders and Participants may pick up forms from the Leased Housing Department or their Leasing Officers.

Clients who require assistance in reading, filling out, submitting, or understanding BHA’s RA forms may contact the same individuals/departments listed above or may contact BHA’s Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator. Spanish and Chinese guide versions of the Request for Reasonable Accommodation forms will be made available upon request and may also be found online at

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