Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Chapter 6: Reasonable Accommodation Transfer Requests

6.1  Residents: Requesting a transfer as a Reasonable Accommodation12

A Resident may seek a transfer to another BHA unit as an RA. For example, a Resident may come to need a wheelchair-accessible unit or have a family member with a mental or physical disability that requires an additional bedroom. RA transfer requests may be made at the Management Office of the development where the Resident lives.

Transfer requests are reviewed by the Transfer Review Committee (“TRC”), which determines whether to approve or deny the request using the analysis outlined in this policy. The Transfer Process Coordinator will promptly notify Residents of TRC’s decisions. In addition, any Resident who has requested an RA transfer may contact the Transfer Process Coordinator for a status inquiry. The Coordinator will reply within 5 business days.

If a Resident requests a transfer as an RA but does not meet BHA’s transfer eligibility requirements as described in Chapter 7 of the ACOP, the Director of Occupancy or his/her designee will consider waiving some or all of these requirements in accordance with the Waiver Provisions of Chapter 10 of the ACOP and the decision will be included in the final transfer decision sent to the Resident.

6.2  Leased Housing Participant requests to change units

Leased Housing Participants in tenant-based voucher programs who wish to move from their current units must bring their request to move to the attention of their landlords and leasing officers. The BHA cannot unilaterally terminate a lease and subsidy arrangement between a Participant and landlord as an RA.13 

If a Participant is in the Section 8 Project-Based Voucher (“PBV”) program, he or she may be eligible to move to another PBV unit that meets his/her disability-related needs.14

If a Section 8 PBV or Moderate Rehabilitation landlord is unable to accommodate a Participant’s needs at the current unit (and in the case of the PBV program, no other unit is available that meets the needs), the Participant may be eligible to be added to the waitlist for a tenant-based Super Priority Voucher.15


12A more detailed overview of the procedures and general eligibility requirements for all transfer requests may be found in the BHA’s ACOP.

13A Participant should consult the Leased Housing Admin Plan for information on the steps he/she must take when terminating a lease in order to keep his/her subsidy after moving.

14See Chapter 15 of the Leased Housing Admin Plan for more information on Participants moving from a non-accessible PBV unit to an accessible PBV unit.

15See Chapter 3 of the Leased Housing Admin Plan for more information on the issuance of Super Priority Vouchers in such situations.

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