Transfer Information Guide

Chapter 5:Transfer Process

The Transfer Process 

1. The Manager Submits Completed Transfer Request Form and Supporting Documentation to Occupancy
Once you have completed the Transfer Request Form, the manager will provide you with a copy of the form for your records.  The manager will attach all documentation you provide to the request and submit the transfer request with your documentation, the Housing Development Choice form for Internal Applicants and Designated Housing Transfer type, a transmittal form, and any other pertinent documentation to the Occupancy Department.  The transmittal form includes certain other information, such as the status of rent payments and transfer history information. Managers are required to submit the transfer request within twenty-four hours of receiving it.
If you do not have all the required supporting documentation when the Transfer request is completed with the management staff, the staff will provide you with a “BHA Transfer Request Receipt for  Incomplete/Lack of Documentation” listing the missing documentation. You will need to submit such documentation to your management office within seven (7) days. Once you submit the information, management will forward it to Occupancy.
Failure to submit all supporting documentation may result in processing delay or denial of your transfer request.
2.   Transfer Process Coordinator log in/referral if required
The Occupancy Department's Transfer Process Coordinator will log in the transfer request and check to make sure that it is complete and that all necessary documentation is attached.  In certain cases, the Transfer Process Coordinator will refer the request to the Civil Rights or the Public Safety Department and request that an investigation be performed to obtain additional information. These investigations usually take from 14 to 28 days to complete.
The Coordinator may also return the request to the Manager, Resident, or Medical provider for additional information.
3.  Transfer Review Committee Reviews and makes a determination
Within seven days of the completion of the application and any needed investigation, the request is reviewed by the Transfer Review Committee (TRC). The committee may mark the case as "pending" and request further information. 
Once the TRC has obtained all required information to determine the need for a transfer, they will approve or deny the application.  If they approve it, the TRC will also determine the level of need (Special Circumstances or Substantial Cause).  You should reasonably expect to hear back from the Authority in about six weeks.  If you do not hear from BHA within six weeks, you may call the Transfer Process Coordinator at (617) 988-4545.
All On-site transfers will be reviewed, approved, or denied by management and the resident will be given a written decision.

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