Transfer Information Guide

Chapter 4:Transfer Form

Completing the Transfer Form 

You will need to complete the Transfer Request Form with the Management or other BHA staff who can help you fill it out.  We strongly encourage you to work closely with the manager or their staff on your request.
When you fill out the "Reason(s) for Initiating Transfer" section, please be as clear and complete as possible.  If you don't have enough room, attach another page.  The clearer and more complete you are, the easier it is for the BHA to process your application.  Be sure to complete all sections thoroughly, completely and truthfully.  Your writing on the request must be legible or action on your transfer will be delayed. If you have a disability and believe you need a reasonable accommodation to fill out this form at a different location then at the Management Office, you should tell your Housing Manager what assistance you need and he/she will provide it to the extent it is reasonable and necessary. 

Providing Documentation 

It is very important that all supporting documentation be attached to the Transfer application. All documentation must be current and no more than ninety (90) days old. The following kinds of documents may be necessary or may be submitted to be considered for review as indicated below depending on the transfer category or Internal Applicant category: 

Civil Rights


Domestic Violence

Reasonable Accommodation (RA)/Medical

Over/Under or Other

Civil Rights Incident Report

Police Report(s)

HUD VAWA Certification Form

Reasonable Accommodation  Request Form


  • On-site
  • Internal Applicant
  • Both

Police Report(s)

Active Restraining Order

Active Restraining Orders

Reasonable Accommodation Certification Package

Excessive Rent Burden Internal Applicant to State-Aided Housing

Letter from District Attorney

Letter from  District Attorney

Letter from  District Attorney or Police Reports

Physician/ Medical Letter(s)

Not one Household Member with Eligible Immigration Status Internal Applicant to State-Aided Housing through No-Fault.

Pictures if Applicable

Pictures if Applicable

Pictures if Applicable

Advocacy Letter(s)

Under Designated Housing






  • Police reports:  any and all current reports applicable to your request.
  • Civil Rights Incident Reports: any and all current reports applicable to your request.
  • Letter from the District Attorney (DA) verifying why a transfer from the current unit is required, if available.
  • Copies of current, active restraining orders
  • Pictures as evidence of property damage, or other applicable evidence related to a civil rights violation or public safety issue.
  • Letter from a doctor, licensed practitioner, or other qualified and appropriate professional describing your health problem and what specific housing conditions in your current unit are worsening your health and what are required changes needed to alleviate it.
  • For reasonable accommodation requests, your documentation must indicate that you or a member of your family is disabled under the definitions of the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) and a description of the accommodation being requested and explaining in detail why the accommodation cannot be made at the current unit. The resident is encouraged to use the BHA’s “Reasonable Accommodation Request and Certification” forms.  Forms are available at the Management Office and our website at
  • For the purpose of determining whether civil rights protections apply, a person is an “individual with a disability” if he or she has, or has a record of having, or is regarded as having a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities. There are three necessary elements to this definition: 1) a physical or mental impairment, 2) which substantially limits, 3) one or more of the person’s major life activities. All three elements must be present. However, a person is not an “individual with a disability” if they are a current illegal user of or are addicted to a controlled substance (illegal drugs which have not been prescribed by a medical provider).
  • Documentation to show “good cause” to be assigned to a particular type of unit or location/area.
  • Any other documentation which provides the BHA with evidence that the request for a transfer is based on fact. 

Generally, you need to provide this documentation.  In some cases, such as maintenance related medical conditions, the manager will provide additional documentation.

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