Transfer Information Guide

Chapter 1:Introduction

What is a Transfer?

A transfer is a process used by BHA residents and management when housing circumstances change which may require that the resident moves from the current unit to another unit.  A Transfer Request Form is completed which documents the reason(s) with the attached supporting documentation and the Transfer Review Committee determines, based on all supporting documentation provided, if a transfer (or move from the current unit) is warranted.
The purpose of this Guide is to explain how to apply for a transfer, who is eligible, and the process that the BHA uses to make decisions about transfers.  Please read this Guide before completing a Transfer Request Form. Development managers and staff will be happy to assist all residents who wish to apply for a transfer. 

Who May apply for a Transfer? 

As a resident of the BHA, only the head of Household may apply for a transfer.  However, only residents who meet the eligibility criteria will be approved if the transfer is warranted. 

Eligibility for Transfers 

Except in certain very serious situations residents must meet certain eligibility requirements including: 

  • The Head of Household must be a resident of BHA in his/her current unit for at least one year.
  • The Head of Household must be current in all rent payments and/or Management/Court Agreements.
  • The Head of Household must be a "Resident in good standing"- that is, if eviction actions are pending against you, you are not eligible for a transfer. 

In certain very serious situations or where necessary as a reasonable accommodation for a disabled resident, one or more of these requirements can be waived. 

Transfer Review Committee (TRC) 

The Transfer Review Committee (TRC) makes all decisions regarding Special Circumstances transfers requests.  This is a committee of BHA staff who reviews each application for a transfer.   This committee determines eligibility as described above, and determines whether or not the resident’s reason for needing a transfer falls into one of the allowed reasons for transfers as described on the following pages.

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