Email, Phone & Text Alerts

The Boston Housing Authority has implemented software that allows us to send you automated messages by phone, text and email as a way to provide better and more timely communication with our residents.  

As part of this effort, we need correct phone and email information.  We want to be sure that voicemail messages are received and that the messages are helpful to residents.  Please print out this form and submit it to your management office. BHA will use this information as our main contact information for you. English, Spanish, Chinese

If you have suggestions as to how you would like to see this tool utilized or what kind of information you would most like BHA to be providing to you, please feel free to send comments to  

Want to opt-in?

Residents will be automatically be opted in for call or Email Alerts.
To opt-in to Text Alerts, text the word ALERT to 22300.

If you opted out by mistake, call (877-698-3262) or email ( Client Support and provide with the following information: 

• Your Group ID (362994 for Public Housing Residents)
• Name 
• Email address (If you opted out of email) 
• Phone number (If you opted out of phone calls) 
• Mobile phone number (If you opted out of text alerts) 

Stay connected and up to date