Civil Rights Protection Plan

Chapter 14:Training and Implementation

On an annual basis all BHA tenants will be advised of the protections afforded to them by the Fair Housing Act.  This annual notice reminds tenants that the BHA will take appropriate action, including eviction against anyone who harasses, threatens, or abuses any person, or commits an act of violence while on BHA property.  Residents are encouraged to report any incident involving a potential violation of their civil rights to the Boston Police Department by calling 9-1-1, and the BHA, preferably at the Housing Development Office.  New tenants are given a similar notice.
A summary of the Civil Rights Protection Plan and transfer procedures is given to all public housing applicants during Occupancy Department briefing sessions and screening interviews.  These summaries, the Civil Rights Protection Plan and the current transfer policy are available for review by all residents at BHA management offices.
All current BHA employees have been advised of the Authority’s non-discrimination policies and their responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.  New employees are similarly advised by a letter from the Administrator at the commencement of employment.  All employees in management positions, and all persons working in development offices receive a copy of this Plan.  All other employees receive a summary of the Plan.  Employees must sign an acknowledgment form within fourteen days of receipt.
The BHA’s Office of Civil Rights, in cooperation with the City of Boston and Boston Police Department has initiated Civil Rights and Diversity Leadership Training Programs.  These comprehensive programs focus on identifying, investigating and eliminating civil rights violations within the public housing environment.  Employees responsible for enforcing this Plan participate in these training programs.  Upon completion, each employee must sign a statement acknowledging their participation in the program.
Moreover, as part of the BHA Public Safety Partnership, efforts have been taken by the Boston Police Department Academy and Community Disorders Unit to re-familiarize all BPD supervisors, detectives and police officers with the Department’s policies, definitions and procedures on community disorders.
All members of the partnership receive ongoing training in dealing with bias crimes.  A two and one half day seminar conducted by the BPD Academy and the CDU has been implemented to reach every supervisor and police officer in the partnership.  Additionally, all members of the partnership will also receive in-service training related to civil rights and public housing development through the BPD Academy.

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