LTO Resources

These are some common documents that Task Forces / Boards, or those interested in forming one, might need.  If you have any questions please email the Resident Capacity Team at or call us at 617-988-5316. 

Blank Monthly TPF and Laundry Funds Reporting Form (Word Document)
Blank Monthly TPF and Laundry Funds Reporting Form (PDF)
Instructions on how to fill out the Monthly Reporting Form (PDF)
Petty Cash Tracking Sheet 
(Word Document)
Petty Cash Tracking Sheet (PDF)
Report Due Dates (PDF)
Missing Documentation Form (Word Document)
Missing Documentation Form (PDF)
Sample Budget (Word Document)
Sample Budget (PDF)

How to Form a Task Force (Elections Manual) (PDF)
Board Member Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)
Resident Participation Policy (PDF)
En Español Tenant Participation Policy (PDF)
Board Member Contact Info (Word Document)
Board Member Contact Info (PDF)

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