Lend your voice as a volunteer interpreter!

Benefits of being a volunteer interpreter: 

  • Strengthen your interpreting and communication skills. 
  • Help low income/elderly/disabled people in need. 
  • Contribute to community capacity building and services.
  • Learn and obtain experience in a professional environment.
  • Obtain academic credits, if applicable.
  • Build your resume for career, and credentials for graduate school applications.
  • Fulfill your community service requirement at flexible hours.
  • Learn about BHA internships and job opportunities.


  • Interpret for BHA residents, applicants and/or staff during BHA hearings, eligibility screenings, resident meetings, and walk-in/phone inquiries.
  • Attend interpreter training and orientation.
  • Comply with the agency’s rules and regulations.
  • Provide agency staff other language-related assistance as assigned.

Volunteer Interpreters Training

Training & Orientation include:

  • Interpreter’s fundamentals -- “What makes a good interpreter?”
  • Overview of BHA rules, regulations, and expectations.
  • Discussion of the duties of a BHA interpreter.
  • Role play exercises for BHA specific scenarios.
  • Helpful hints on cross-cultural communication and teamwork.



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