Boston Public Health Commission Awarded $8.4 Million

Boston receives millions in new funding to promote public health

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The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) announced on Thursday, September 25 that it had been awarded approximately $8.4 million in two awards from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to fund a variety of innovative chronic disease prevention programs in the city. 

An array of strategies to reduce tobacco use and exposure, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes will be supported by the new federal funding by creating access to environments and resources that encourage healthier choices. The funding will support two initiatives: Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) and Boston REACH: Partners in Health and Housing (PHH). 

PICH is a three-year $5.4 million citywide initiative that will promote voluntary policy and systems changes by organizations to support healthy choices in physical activity, nutrition, and smoke-free housing. 

Boston REACH: Partners in Health and Housing (PHH) is a three-year $3 million initiative focused on improving the health of Boston residents in public and subsidized housing who suffer disproportionately higher rates of smoking, obesity, and chronic health conditions. 

The BHA and the Commission have a long history of working together to achieve health equity for public housing residents in Boston.  This includes over a decade of working together on Healthy Public Housing and Healthy Pest Free Housing initiatives, supporting a walking program, and helping develop the BHA’s non-smoking policy.

As members of the Partners in Health and Housing, funded since 2001 by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we have worked to improve the health and well-being of Boston public housing residents, and reduce health disparities by engaging residents in community-centered research efforts and prevention activities.

For more information about the most recent BPHC funding, click here.  


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