Surprises are for leaders like Adline Stallings

On July 25, at Mission Main's Family Fun Day event, Willie Pearl hosted a dedication to Adline Stallings of Mission Main Tenant Task Force.

“Today we are naming the park behind me after a special woman: Adline Stallings.”

Those were the opening words to Mayor Walsh’s speech last weekend at Mission Main’s Family Fun Day. He and BHA partnered with Winn Companies to dedicate a spacious field to longtime community leader, Adline Stallings, who worked for many years on the Mission Main Tenant Task force.

The dedication was kept a secret from Stallings and residents for months. Willie Pearl, Vice President of the Tenant Task Force wanted to surprise the community patron by inviting authority figures, Bill McGonagle and Arthur Winn, who worked with Stallings during Mission Main’s redevelopment process, and Mayor Walsh, to pay homage to Ms. Stalling’s 30 years of service to her community.

Originally from Mississippi, Adline Stallings is known throughout Mission Hill for being a tough lady most concerned with practicality. As BHA Administrator, Bill McGonagle said at the event, “when you talk to Ms. Adline, you better mean what you say and you better back it up.”

The 70-year old woman has fed children from her kitchen and squared up with criminals who once patrolled the streets when violence and excessive drug use seized the development. That was 25 years ago. Since then, things have improved under her leadership with Mission Main Tenant Task Force and Winn companies.

Very vocal and active in the redevelopment planning for Mission Main , Ms. Stallings’ assertive petition for public safety to former city leaders Mayor Menino and Kevin W. Fitzgerald has made her beloved by many.

BHA’s Administrator is also one of those beloved leaders who admire Stallings.

“Ms. Adline has been a very dear friend. And one thing I can say about her is when she is your friend, she's got your back, ten out of ten times," said McGonagle.

It was unknown how the community leader would react to the park named in honor for her activism. After all, it was her birthday next week and she wasn’t expecting anything special, she said.

But Ms. Adline was shocked—displaying astonished relief at the revealed plaque imprinted with her name.

“I appreciate it very much,” Stallings said. “Thank you.”


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