Bunker Hill Redevelopment

Developer: Corcoran-SunCal
Total Units: 3,230 mixed-income housing (1,100 deeply affordable units and 2,130 market-rate units)
Expected start date: 2018
Bunker Hill is the largest public housing development in the City of Boston.  In June 2015, BHA issued a Request for Proposal for the redevelopment of Bunker Hill as part of a wider strategy to upgrade and sustain affordable housing communities. The market conditions in the Charlestown neighborhood provided an opportunity to leverage the market to replace all 1,100 affordable units in Bunker Hill.

BHA selected Corcoran-SunCal (partnership between Corcoran Jennison Associates and SunCal) as the developer for the redevelopment of Bunker Hill.  Corcoran-SunCal values the social and economic richness of a mixed-income community and emphasizes neighborhood integration.  The plan proposes to replace the existing 1,100 units with 1,100 new deeply subsidized affordable units and create an additional 2,130 new market-rate units.  The redevelopment will also generate new retail opportunities, create two new neighborhood parks and reconfigure the streets to integrate the development into the Charlestown neighborhood.

Corcoran-SunCal has been working with on a comprehensive planning process with Bunker Hill residents and the community.  For more information about the Bunker Hill redevelopment and the resident engagement process, please click here.       

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