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Departments > Operations > Manager's Manual > 8 - Use and Occupancy Agreement for Emergency Transferees

The policies, practices and procedures for emergency transfers are set out in the BHA Transfer Manual. However, in situations in which the Manager contemplates initiating an eviction for cause against the household because there is evidence that the emergency situation was caused by the Resident or a member of the Resident's household the Resident should not be allowed to sign a lease for the new apartment but should be permitted to occupy the apartment under a use and occupancy agreement. The Manager should complete the use and occupancy agreement providing the address of the new apartment and the amount of the use and occupancy payment. (Form ET-01) Ordinarily the use and occupancy payment will be the same as the Resident's rent. Should the Resident household at any point fail to make payments for use and occupancy the Manager should commence eviction proceedings and follow the procedures contained in Section 5.  
Manages should use the "Agreement to pay use and occupancy" presented on the next page when households granted emergency transfers are not permitted to sign a lease for the apartments to which they are transferred. All questions should be directed to your Regional Counsel.