A home for
every story





















Our Vision

We envision a strong and vibrant city where every resident has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Mission

We foster sustainable communities by providing quality affordable housing, bringing stability, opportunity, and peace of mind to thousands of low and moderate-income families across Boston, and to the city as a whole.

Our Principles


Public support for
housing works.

Boston, like most major cities, is facing a housing crisis. The BHA is a contemporary, humanistic solution that works.


We are people,
not buildings.

The BHA is not about buildings or vouchers. It's about people: those residents we support through our services, and the employees who, day in and day out, dedicate their lives to our mission.


There is no home
without community.

Community is at the center of everything we do. We don't just provide access to affordable housing: we foster diverse, healthy communities and improve quality of life for everyone.


We are essential to
Boston's quality of life.

Our staff, residents, and rental partners are all part of a system that fosters the kind of city we want to live in: diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Our Message

What we do

As the largest housing provider in the city, and the only one with a civic mission, we build and support healthy, sustainable communities that bring stability, opportunity, and peace of mind to thousands of low- and moderate-income families across Boston. We are committed to the idea that public support for affordable housing is an essential investment in Boston's quality of life.

How we do it

Using state and federal funds, we provide quality affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families and individuals, both in publicly owned properties and through the Section 8 rental assistance program. More than places to live, our work fosters vibrant communities that improve quality of life, encourage self-sufficiency, and create economic opportunities for thousands of residents, landlords, and service partners.

Why it matters

It has become more difficult to sustain a vibrant, diverse, and culturally rich community in the city. Public support for affordable housing is a contemporary and humane solution that works. It keeps the people here who make Boston possible. In fact, our residents are often the lifeblood of our community - our neighbors and coworkers. For many, especially the elderly and people with disabilities, we are the difference between home and homelessness. And, as we know, lack of a stable home is a major barrier to opportunity and self sufficiency.

Our Values

Our values are our compass: they guide how we engage with residents, landlords, and other partners,
and define what we do every day. We are:

People centered

Our housing programs are about residents, not just bricks and mortar.

Community focused

Our housing programs are community-driven and about enhancing our neighborhoods.

Purposeful & Proud

We are proud of the public in public housing.

Value & values-driven

Connecting what we do with the value that it brings to our community.

Dynamic & modern

Dynamic and modern - and engaging a new generation of residents and staff.

A home
for every

Home is key to our message.
We provide more than housing:
we help people create homes for themselves and their families.

Every represents our inclusiveness:
we ensure that every resident has the opportunity to thrive.

Story is how people define who they are, where they come from, and what's important to them.
We celebrate all the stories that makeup our community.