Boston Housing Authority

Resident Housing Corp Member

Resident Housing Corp Member


Department:Center for Community Engagement and Civil Rights


Salary Range:$23 per hour

Posting Date:Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Application Deadline:Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Application Procedure:

E-mail a resume and cover letter to, or mail a completed employment application to: Director of Human Resources, Boston Housing Authority, 52 Chauncy Street, Boston, MA 02111.  Please be sure to identify the position you are applying for.   

General Description:

Under the Center for Community Engagement and Civil Rights, the Resident Corps Members report to the Resident Capacity Coordinator and together will work as a team to implement initiatives that build resident capacity across BEIA' s public housing and Section 8 portfolios. Primary responsibilities include 1) providing training and support to existing and emerging Local Tenant Organizations (LTO) boards and Section 8 leaders, 2) assisting LTOs in complying with the Tenant Participation Fund mandates, 3) enhancing tenant participation in BHA trainings, community meetings, leadership opportunities, and resident empowerment activities, especially those that are put forth by the Resident Empowerment Coalition, a group that seeks to build the capacity of resident organizations representing BHA public housing and BHA Section 8 residents.
This is a full-time contract position with benefits.  Renewable yearly.  35 hours per week.  Weekend and evening hours may be required.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist in implementing resident capacity initiatives across BHA's public housing and Section 8 portfolios.

  • Provide training and support to existing and emerging Local Tenant Organizations (LTO) boards and Section 8 leaders

  • Assist in training LTOs on Tenant Participation Fund mandates and monitoring policy compliance; assist in updating training handouts and reporting forms

  • Enhance tenant outreach and participation by calling and coordinating meetings, making outreach flyers and templates, leafleting, and door-to-door outreach as. needed

  • Provide general office support such as office set-up, routine filing, and answering phones.

  • Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience:

Candidates must be a current public housing or Section 8 resident who has excellent communication and writing skills. A commitment to multi-cultural empowerment along with the ability to have sensitivity to issues affecting public housing and Section 8 residents is a must. Experience in promoting social justice is a plus. Willingness to learn and to work as a team, and the ability to be organized, punctual, and self-motivated are both required. Candidates must be able to walk up at least two flights of stairs, and must be willing to travel between developments and communities where public housing and Section 8 residents reside. Must have the ability to build relationships between tenants and the BHA. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office. Bilingual skills are a plus. Bachelor's Degree preferred.



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