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Emergency Waiver Requests

BHA is required to obtain procurement waivers from the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) in order to fast-track emergency repairs to its buildings and facilities. BHA facility personnel responsible for procuring emergency repairs are expected to work with the Legal Department when seeking DCAMM emergency waivers. In addition to DCAMM waivers, the BHA may also require approval from its state or federal funding source.

DCAMM waiver requests should be requested prior to hiring a contractor to perform emergency repairs.  However, in many cases, the nature of an emergency will require BHA facility personnel to immediately hire contractors to perform emergency repairs. In such cases, the BHA is required to seek a DCAMM waiver as soon as possible after the emergency is abated. In those cases, it is important to keep the following requirements in mind when requesting price proposals for emergency work: (1) Every effort should be made to seek emergency response price quotes from no fewer than three contractors certified in the DCAMM work category relevant to the emergency (this requirement anticipates you will ask at least three contractors to provide a price quote; however, it does not require that each contractor contacted provide a quote).  If the nature of the emergency is extreme, a price proposal from one known responsible DCAMM-certified contractor is permitted; and (2) Require that all price quotes include the costs and requirements for: OSHA-10 training compliance; applicable state/federal prevailing wage requirements; and applicable payment or performance bonds. 

Please initiate your DCAMM emergency waiver request by responding to the questions contained in the attached  email 

The questions contained in the attached email are listed below for convenience:

1.      Please describe the nature of the extreme emergency and how it creates an immediate threat to the health or safety of people or property:

2.     Please state how and when (i.e., the date and approximate time) BHA became aware of the emergency situation:

3.    Please describe the full proposed emergency scope of work and the approximate dollar value of the emergency scope of work. Also, please confirm whether the described scope is the minimum amount of work  necessary to alleviate the emergency (i.e., the waiver must be for the limited amount of work necessary to resolve the immediate danger to the health or safety of persons or property):

4.      Please describe how persons or property will continue to be exposed to danger or harm if the BHA waits the standard two week bidding process before hiring a contractor to perform the emergency scope of work:

5.      Please describe the bid solicitation process that will be used to maximize competition, to the extent possible (i.e., confirm no less than 3 contractors will be invited to provide an emergency price proposal); if applicable, please explain why a bid solicitation process is not possible or cannot meet the 3 contractor minimum standard:

6.      Please confirm that the selected  contractor will be required to comply with applicable federal/state prevailing wage laws, payment and performance bond requirements, and OSHA-10 requirements:

Please contact the BHA Legal Department for assistance with your waiver requests.